Rich Mattson and the Northstars - Skylights Vinyl Pre-Order


Rich Mattson and the Northstars

Rich Mattson and the Northstars - "Skylights" Vinyl Pre-Order

Release Date: February 5, 2021

For most of the past 30 plus years Rich Mattson has been to those in the know in Minnesota rock music circles, one of the most talented, hardworking, performer/songwriters in the business.

While being largely and criminally unheralded for a large portion of those years sans that time his band Ol’ Yeller received the 2006 Minnesota Music Award for best recording.

Rich encompasses the heart and soul of what makes Minnesota rock and roll special and sets it apart. He has paid his dues and then some crawling through the grimy underbelly and the scattered remnants of what was left of the Minneapolis rock scene in the wake of influential and noteworthy bands like Husker DU, The Replacements, Soul Asylum, Babes in Toyland & The Jayhawks (bands he has all shared stages with) to mention just a handful.

When everyone seemed to stop paying attention to what was happening musically in Minneapolis, Rich persisted with constant local gigging, recording and touring. Year after year, album after album, show after show delivering his dirt under the fingernails guitar riffs and stories of Midwestern plight and rock and roll dreams. His modest and relatable everyman approach with a tireless work ethic and undeniable passion and love for the music he makes has garnered him a loyal dedicated following who he never lets down. Listen to a Mattson song and you’ll know what a crisp Minnesota Autumn day feels like with a six pack in ya.

Poor L’amour Records is proud to release the vinyl edition of the next chapter in the ongoing Rich Mattson story. Rich is now with his Northstars who have his back through his every salt of the earth, blue collar, meat and potatoes, rock and roll twist and turn. Skylights is an energized collection of classic rugged Mattson songs like “Death Valley” “In Flight” & “Iowa” complimented and rounded out by Germaine Gemberling’ s wonderful vocal performances when she steps to the forefront for “Kiss the Sky” & “How Can it Be”. These two complement each other like a modern day June and Johnny. While Germaine and Rich do the steering the impressive tandem of Keely Lane on drums and Kyle Westrick on bass keep their foot on and off the gas at all the right moments. Sit back crack a cold one and enjoy Skylights.

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On the hi-fi: Vinyl
  • On the hi-fi: Vinyl
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Debut 7" EP from SNICKERS

"Really special record...strange,unearthly, disembodied vibe.

Richard Youngs

"Parts could have been recorded underwater, then sent into submarines via broken transmitters"

Byron Coley - The Wire

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Crickets: Vinyl
  • Crickets: Vinyl
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Debut 7" EP from Smallertide

"Crickets meanders and breathes, birds whistling in the background, the guitars pulsing with your breath and with life in general. Soothe your desire for a full length with this wonderful 7".

  • Norman Records

The guitar pieces are more about texture than coherence, but they have a lovely drift (not unlike early San Agustin), and bend time as easily as some bands bend forks.

Byron Coley - The Wire

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All Along The Northern Evening: Vinyl
  • All Along The Northern Evening: Vinyl
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First Full Length offering by smallertide

"This album holds an extremely special locale in my heart. It's the porch light you leave on for your memories to find their way back to you when you think you can't remember them on your own. Its subtle and delicate yet earnestly forthright and becoming. After 1 spin you discover you've found not just a new acquaintance but friend from a past life with a fun deliberate accent that only speaks like this to you and you alone.

Steven De Taeye - Aural Tethers

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